AS 55 tying machine

The continuous collaboration with our customers allowed us to improve our actual AUTOMATIC BINDING MACHINE, that’s why we changed the name in AS 55. Performances and LOWER OPERATING COSTS are our improvements points, besides the consolidated technology servo-drive and design.

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The binding machine AS 55 can now bind in three ways: continuous, continuous with length change and continuous with space.
By continuous way you can work with maximum performance, by continuous way with length change, you can create a product with different length and by a defined quantity, by the continuous way with space you can do products separated each one from the other, in order to create a cut.


  • The performances have increased thanks to the new closing system, new pneumatic valves and new motors with technology servo-drive, which are combined with a control via Ethernet. The colour Touch Panel with function Touch-screen 7”, updated with a new graphics and new control functions.

  • The binding group is the heart of a good project and that is why we have created it completely in stainless steel, equipped with two big bearings, which ensure a long life for the long hours of working.

  • tying machine
  • tying machine
  • tying machine
  • tying machine

It is intuitive and allows to adjust with easiness all parameters, to save the functions or binding ways. If it is combined with system WIFI ( Optional) it is possible the remote management for check failures, programs update or to save production’s data. It formulates a file Excel that the customer can use in his management systems.

The product’s closure is made in the product’s center, so precision, performance and high quality are guaranteed, as if they were bound by hand.
The use of string in bobbins with dimension 7x7 cm, with inner carrying allow time reduction and fast changes, thanks to the practical system of insertion.

The binding machine AS 55 is equipped with a system of transport with opposed belts that allow an automatic adjustment of the diameter of the product to bind, the carpet composed of single O-rings, which create an anatomic shape, so they wrap delicately the product and increase the performance of binding of sausages.
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The construction in stainless steel and the design with plain surfaces allow a cleaning and an accurate hygiene in every point of the binding machine. The smooth satin finish ensures easiness and quickness in washing.


- "A" Device to make the loops for hanging. Complete of software for position management and quantity.

- "Software binding" allows the management in 3 modalities of binding besides the binding in continuous ”B”, you can manage quantity of different bindings “E”, different length in a determined point “C” or a space between the products “D”. These variables can guarantee to every user the possibility to personalize the binding machine.

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