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Stefano Borgo, meat processing machines since 1988.

Our company was founded in 1988 in Thiene, Vicenza, by Mr. Antonio Borgo and manufactures and sells meat processing machines.

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From the nineties, Antonio started to make the first tying machines. From 1992 to 2008 Stefano Borgo entered into partnership with an important German company in the filler machine sector. After 2008 Stefano Borgo relaunched the company by developing and manufacturing new tying machines, for which we are now considered specialists and a reference point in the Italian and foreign markets.
In fact, our retailers cover Italy, Europe, America and South America.

Our meat
processing machines
Made in Italy.

Our machines, which are custom designed and manufactured, to meet customer production needs and requests, include tying machines for sausages, cacciatore salamis, cotechini, filet mignon and salamis in various kinds of casing, cutters and grinder, fillers for various kinds of sausages, kneading machines and the new cutting machine, as well as complete lines.

The technical department, from designs to drawings.

technical department

The engineers in our technical department use the latest generation software to design the machines (according to customer requirements or to make prototypes). The tying machines are designed to meet specific customer requirements: the new cutter, for example, was designed and made to meet the need for cutting products on a production line, in addition to tying them.

Today, new technology allows us to draw the machine in 3D, so that we can examine every detail with greater accuracy. After this step, for a new product that will be mass produced, our designers make a prototype and carry out various tests.

Our support, your guarantee.

Stefano Borgo sells its meat processing machines to cold cuts manufacturers, companies in the food industry and specialised agencies in the sector. We also provide them with a technical and practical training service on our products. We also guarantee routine technical assistance (e.g. machine maintenance) and unscheduled assistance in the event of technical faults or other problems. We also provide after-sales assistance with a 24 or 48 hour response.
At Stefano Borgo, we also provide delivery with our own means or entrusted couriers (for machines that require special transport), as well as installation.

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