• Tying machine AS 55

    Binding machine
  • Tying machine AS 100

    Binding machine
  • Tying and cutting machine AS 100 and AS 75

    Binding and cutting machine

Meat processing machines Made in Italy

Based in Thiene, Vicenza and with forty years of experience in the sector, at Stefano Borgo we manufacture and sell machines for sausage and cold cuts factories, and food industries with custom requirements.

Our range of machines offers precise and reliable design and the quality typical of Italian raw materials. It includes tying machines for sausages, filet mignon, cacciatore salamis, cotechini (large pork sausage) and salamis in various kinds of casings, fillers for various kinds of sausages, cutters and grinders, kneading machines, complete lines and our new cutting system.


Over time, we have specialised in making tying machines specifically to meet the various demands of sausage factories and other businesses.
Our machines have been designed for production lines and perform various kinds of tying (thereby adapting to the many salamis and sausages on the market) and a range of services, such as hanging.

tying machines


Tying machines


cutting system


Our partnership with customers

Stefano Borgo's business is not only based on manufacturing:
we are in partnership with our customers, listening to their needs and offering detailed support, from analysing the design to implementing the meat processing machine.


Training, support and assistance.

We guarantee that our customers will get technical and practical training on the machines, routine and unscheduled technical assistance and our support in designing and making products suited to their various production needs.

Rely on Stefano Borgo: choose the quality and efficiency
of our meat processing machines.
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