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Stefano Borgo, our company in Thiene, designs and mass-produces tying machines for manufacturing products of variable length or weight, tied with a continuous twine, such as fresh or seasoned sausages, cacciatore salami, cotechino, fliet mignon, salami, chorizo and knackwurst.
We design each product to meet specific production needs, even based on special meats and cold cuts that are different from the norm.
Thanks to a continued partnership with our customers, we have built and continue to build reliable and efficient tying machines, such as the AS 55, the AS 100, the AS 100 E and the new AS 75 cutting system.

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AS 55:
tie the product as if by hand.

Tying machine AB 55 S

Performances and LOWER OPERATING COSTS are our improvements points, besides the consolidated technology servo-drive and design.

like hand made

The binding machine AS 55 can now bind in three ways: continuous, continuous with length change and continuous with space.
By continuous way you can work with maximum performance, by continuous way with length change, you can create a product with different length and by a defined quantity, by the continuous way with space you can do products separated each one from the other, in order to create a cut.

  • "A" Device to make the loops for hanging. Complete of software for position management and quantity.
  • "Software binding" allows the management in 3 modalities of binding besides the binding in continuous ”B”, you can manage quantity of different bindings “E”, different length in a determined point “C” or a space between the products “D”. These variables can guarantee to every user the possibility to personalize the binding machine.

dettaglio nastro legatrice salumi

AS 50:

Tying machine AS 50

Our experience  and continuous search in the context of binding,  has brought us to design a new binding machine, with its features it is placed in the first place for production's speed at "200 portions/min."

details touch screen details tying machine as50


  • Ideal for the production of sausages with a maximum size of 65mm, binding in continuous or separated.

  • Automatic operation for binding with single continuous and semi-automatic binding for salami with the useful space for drying or cutting.

  • It has been designed to be synchronized with all vacuum fillers in the international market. It binds portions at fixed weight,  determined by the filler's portioner, or the operator can adjust the weight through the timer in the panel  touch-screen 7" coloured.

AS 100:
for a wide range of products.

tying machine AS 100

The AS 100 tying machine has replaced the AS 80 at the request of our customers. It processes casing products such as natural pig or cow gut, or derivatives like meat glue, collagen and similar, with diameters from 18 to 75 millimetres, loaded as a scrunched tube, in a single piece or in a loose bundle, either curved or straight.

details tying machine details tying machine

These products can be tied continuously, separated by a single tie, or separately with a double tie, for better drying during seasoning or to leave a space between products for cutting. The AS 100 can make a loop in the product for hanging or it can be combined with our AS 75 automatic cutting system.

tying machine as 100 and cutting machine

It is an automatic machine that was also designed to be combined with commercial Italian and foreign fillers using electric synchronisation.
With the product weighing and measuring unit, this tying machine works in portions (ideal for industrial production).

Each machine is designed for tying a specific product. The AS 100 is made from stainless steel, is versatile, easy to clean and is safe and practical for those who use and manage it.

sistema brevettato borgo

Our patented tying and filling system brakes the casing delicately, thanks to the special active pneumatic brake.
The tied product outfeed belt has an adjustable speed.

AS 100 E:
works with weight.

legatrice AS 100 E

With technical specifications similar to those above, the AS 100 E ties salamis, such as fresh sausages, products to be cooked, such as knackwurst, and many other products before they are filled, with weights that are fixed or variable over time.

Customers can combine it with various commercial filler machines as it operates in a semi-automatic mode. In fact, it is an ideal machine for customers that manufacture limited quantities of tied products. In the Italian market, for example, it is in high demand for small production runs.

In Easter European countries it is also suitable for larger production runs, as we sell it as a dedicated machine, for example, for knackwurst.

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